The Atari Museum is powered by the Atari 8000 Mainframe.
Just joking, thanks to Karl Morris (Karl is the the AHS UK contact) for his creativity


The Atari Museum is a privately run museum website and archival effort. With two 20'x20' storage units and a dedicated office with 2 archival rooms and working digitizing and storage area as well as equipment restoration and maintenance. 


Costs for storage and running the server and office are expensive, so if you'd like to help make a donation it would be greatly appreciated.   The Atari Museum is not yet a registered non-for-profit so currently donations cannot be tax deductible. Thank you for your support.


If you are a former Atari employee and have equipment, documents, photo's and/or videos from your time at Atari, please contact us, we are trying to preserve these artifacts and work to display and present items out at shows around the country and loan items to physical museums around the country and your help is needed, credit is always given so people know where they came from.



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