In 1973 within Atari, a grassroots newsletter was started to help employees learn more about the company, to find out more about what was available to them, to see announcements about social events, and for them to express their creativity, and voice their concerns...

 Below are some of the first ever newsletters written within Atari, by Atari employees for Atari employees.


Lynda Tinkham (formerly Barlett) was kind enough to donate these treasures of days now past.    These were found among her late Mothers papers.    This section of the website is dedicated to her Mothers memory and to Lynda's entire "Atari Family" who worked at Atari at one time or another:

Lynda Bartlett/Tinkham, Jim Bartlett, Diana Russ, Tom Ward, Paul Jay McCullough, Jo-Nell McCullough, Tamara Thornan, Roger Thornan and Tim McCullough


  Volume 1 No. 2 - 25 July 1973
  Volume 1 No. 3 - August 8, 1973
  Volume 1 No. 6 - November 7, 1973

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