Over the last 15 years I have actively participated in the Atari community in one way or another.    In 1983 I got a hold of "Carnival BBS" and totally wrote it from the ground up and ran the Star Trek BBS in New York City until 1986 when it changed to The Earth Access Center for Atari information and archives until around late 1988 or early 1989 when I shut it down.  In spring of 1985 I was elected to run the Staten Island Atari Users Group, and also participated in the Brooklyn Atari Users group as well.    I also have been a member of the Ol' Hackers users group for many years now.  I actively participated on many local and national BBS' and most frenquented Dateline: Atari and Fordham Prep were I answered numerous Atari history questions and submitted articles to newsletters and on-line databases.   Here are just a few which have survived over the years before moving to the web.

Game Review #1, 1988
Game Review #2, 1988
Game Review #3, 1988
Diamond GOS Article
Article: Back to the Future, 1996