Atari's New Coin-op PCB
Facility (1979)


          As of January 19, all Video Printed Circuit Board assembly personnel have been reporting for work at 1320 Bordeaux Drive.   The new building was finally a reality after several months of construction which had aroused the curiosity of all employees and a few lunch wagons.   Moving to the larger facility means that the Stores group no longer has to beg for floor space from other departments.  Work in progress does not have to be placed in the aisles and people do not have to climb over the Football Table in order to enter the lunch room.   The two new wave soldering systems are impressive and imposing.   And now, the Shipping and Receiving departments can be distinguished as two separate groups.   The big new building is fast becoming home for the PCB'ers and it promises to be a productive home.

Article from Spring 1979 Atari ST Pong internal newsletter.