Reproducing a Classic Gaming Kiosk (Part 12)

        Back from another shopping spree at Home Depot.    Picked up those "Cheat Materials" I mentioned previously....  basically I've picked up some pre-fab'ed black laminate shelving.    These will be used for the Television shelf and for the top support cross-member.     Two additional shelves will be just that... shelves, they will be for the display case area underneath the control panel....

            So, the control panel has been laminated, using the screw holes drilled out previously the pedestal has been screwed into place.    So, time for some painting.   Place some tape over the joystick base openings so no spray paint goes down the hole and causes problems with the assembly or the contacts.     Using glossy grey paint give the control panel a full covering.   Wait about 10-15 mins. then spray another coating and repeat once more.     Three coats should be sufficient for wear and tear.  (Remember, people with watches, jewelry and just constant use will wear down the paint and giving it three solid coats should last for some time and if needed, down the road you can always disassembly it and give it a "tune-up" coating)

        Now its time to mount the control panel to the side panels which have already been assembled to the base.   (Looks like I forget the front black laminate on the base.... more work to do!  oh well....)  Well, I'll take care of the base laminate later.   Test fit the control panel, align the angles and repeating the previous steps for the base, drill out for the hardware.

        Once the hardware is mounted and the control panel is screwed into place, raise the kiosk to its upright position and check for any fitting issues and make sure its resting plumb and level.   If all looks good, then we are ready to work on the display panel plexis-glass.  First some fun, place a Colecovision onto the pedestal and insert the controller hardware for a test of how everything will look.   Cool, huh?   :-)


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