Reproducing a Classic Gaming Kiosk (Part 16)

            Okay, so total outlay of $$$ for the materials is approx $140 on the wood, laminate and hardware.   Joysticks, firebuttons and t-molding $77, plexiglass $55, graphics $40, acrylic header $38 and new 20" TV.   Okay, so total cost of project is $489.

            Time put into the project.... well I really wasn't keeping track but I would guess-timate approx 12-14 hours give or take, plus 2 hours of graphics work to complete the graphics to send the company.    Now mind you, I went high end on the graphics and the laminate and the arcylic header.    You could substitute a lot of that for inkjet work, contact paper and a wooden header which would probably shave $100+ off of the total cost of the project... it certainly wouldn't have as nice a presentation but it would still be an eye catcher.

            Now a few people have emailed me about whether or not I would be making more and selling them..... no, not really.   That was not my intent.   I just did it for the fun of doing it for so that people could enjoy seeing such an item at a show and play games on it.    I thought it would be a nice way to bring some more of the past back to life... in a big way mind you.     What I am contemplating is doing a Coleco Adam display of my own design, doing a slightly more complimentary Vectrex kiosk then the one that GCE did and coming up with a neat design for the Intellivision.

            Others have asked (two people have insisted they are not leaving Phillyclassic 3 without the kiosk) if I would sell it.    Well, at first I said no.    However after some thought, what the heck.... if people are really interested in the Coleco, Astrocade and Odyssey2 kiosks then they are welcome to them.    They all disassemble down to a flat pile of materials and will fit into just about anybody's car so if someone wants one or two or all them, go for it.     However, I would ask this of any prospective buyer(s)....    please consider the continued sharing of the kiosks with your classic gaming friends.    Have home gaming parties and invite friends from the Classic Gaming community, besides PC3 there is CGE, NWCGE, CCAG and Midwest Classic Gaming.....   considering loaning the kiosks to those shows so people can enjoy them there are well.

            I hope others out there have been inspired by this step by step tutorial.   I still don't know what sparked my interest in building this beastie and the others in the first place, but I'm glad I did and I'm happy to bring them out to PC3 so people can enjoy them, play games on them, tournaments can be held on them and friends can gather around for some nice photo's to take home.    If anyone decides to build their own kiosks, send over some photo's and I'll make a scrapbook here for others to see and enjoy.

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