Classic Gaming Kiosks

        The ultimate addition to anyone's game room or classic gaming collection....  an actual Store Display Kiosk.      Systems such as the Bally Astrocade, Magnavox Odyssey2, Mattel Intellvision, GCE Vectrex, Coleco Vision and of course Atari (2600,5200 and many more) all had these wonderous displays that as kids we used to oggle over and dream of owning.    Well, nows your chance.     I have no idea what possessed me to start these projects other then I thought they'd be a lot of fun to do and I thought it would be great for people to finally get to relive the feeling of seeing these tributes to days gone by and to see a proper setup and presentation of the classic gaming systems we all know and love.    I have made 3 of these kiosks in time for the Phillyclassic 3 show this April 26-27, 2002.    I am hoping to complete several others and it would be great to see these kiosks "make the rounds" so to speak and be used at other shows around the country and maybe even overseas, who knows.

        I had no plans to follow, no dimensions to reference, no guides or outlines to work by.    Just 3 photo's and the rest was left to some creativity, common sense and the rest was, well.... just playing it by ear and seeing how things progressed.    I've photographed the construction of these kiosks each step of the way, explained my problems, and solutions as well.   I hope that these step by step tutorials help others out there who've dreamed of having their own classic gaming centerpiece, their shrine for their beloved favorite system.... or if your a real lunatic (like me! :-) then one for all of your systems (yikes!!!!)

        If you have questions, feel free to ask. (email me at: CURT)  One question I will answer now is: Will you be making these and selling them?   No, I'm only making one of each and I'll be selling them to those interested.   Once I make one of each and maybe create some new ones (I'm thinking about a Coleco Adam center right now) then thats it, I've had my fun and I'll move on to something new and creative to occupy my time and to give to the Classic gaming community.   This is why the tutorials are available below by clicking on any of the icons, and you can make your own.   Best of luck, take your time and enjoy! :-)