Reproducing a Classic Gaming Kiosk: Odyssey2 Game Center

            While preparing for the upcoming Phillyclassic show this coming April 26-27 ( I thought it would be nice to expand upon the large Atari-centric kiosks which would already be coming to the show for people to play and enjoy.     Kiosks have a certain alure to them, they bring back fond childhood memories of going to the videogame store each weekend to marvel at the kiosks and the treasures inside, to play the latest game releases and to meet up with your friends for some friendly competition until owner got tired of you hogging up the display and kicked you out, only to come back again another day.

        This was the largest photo of the Odyssey2 Game Center I could find.    With a little messing around in Photoshop I was able to see the needed details of the kiosk and roughly guess the needed dimensions and such.     Out of the 3 projects, the Odyssey2 Game Center is the least expensive and also the easiest to build.    Before begining, I just wanted to mention that I did not stay true to form with the exact design of this kiosk.     It would be an extra bit of work to track down a Magnavox 19" color TV to place into the kiosk that was in good working shape.    Instead of going this route, I placed a full piece of plexiglass painted on the inside with a black outline around a more modern 20" TV set and then placed the Odyssey2 graphic header on the front top of the plexiglass.   This only made a minor cosmetic change to the original design and gave the kiosk a more up to date look....