This Article was written by Curt Vendel and published in the Spring 88 issues of the Staten Island Atari Users Group newsletter and the Brooklyn Atari Users Group newsletter.   The article was also posted onto the Fordham Prep BBS in the Bronx, NY.   At the time, the bulletin board system that Curt Vendel ran had changed from being run in 83-86 as the Star Trek BBS to The Earth Access Center in 86-89 to present Atari articles and data.

No Software for your 8-bits???

 Are you sitting at your Atari 400,800,1200,Xl,Xe complaining about NO
SOFTWARE!!!   Well lets start off first by saying: No Software, WRONG, plenty
of software, yes I'll admit new titles have been a bit scarce, but have you
ever thought about looking to the past???   Have you ever heard of a nice
little software company called Microprose?   Well, these people make some very
fine quality products for your computer's.   The following are 2 reviews of
some old, new? software they sell.

F-15 Strike Eagle:

 If your a simulations nut, you are hooked on getting into a game with some
realism and have watched Top Gun for the 147th time on your VCR then this is
the game for you.   Sega recently released into the arcades a new game called
After Burner, a fantastic fighter combat simulation which is in a 3-dimensional
movement cabinet, this game costs $1.00 per game and you get hooked very
quickly and your money disappears even faster, and another problem, just like
Chinese food, an hour after you get home from the arcade, you want MORE!!!   So
you look at your Atari and say: Hey! I've got a computer with superior graphics
and sound, why not an Afterburner for my Atari?  Well in 1985 Microprose
answered a lot of peoples dreams, Strike Eagle.  A simple yet intense fighter
combat simulator.  The graphics are semi-3-D, you are giving a REAL VIEW
perspective so its just like sitting in the cockpit of an F-15, you have
varying radar, overall map of different missions which take multiple
engagements to complete (from 5-10 carrier landings and refuelings) to knock
out airports, SAM missile sites and your primary target.  Libya, Egypt, and many
other targets are available.  The simulation is real life, weight, fuel, air
drag, G-force are all considered so you have to stay very alert or. . .
For $20 this game is well worth adding to your library, it may be old, but it's

The TOP GUNNER Collection:

 Some oldies but goodies make a come back.  Microprose has decided to package 2
of its fighter simulations and 1 arcade style rescue game into a $18 package, 3
games for 1 price.   The first game is Mig Alley Ace.  You are the pilot of an
old 1950 Mig jet fighter as you got head to head in varied confrontations
against the computer or an opponent.  The screen is split in half, top
half/bottom half so each pilot can see what the other is doing, its like
cheating, but how else can 2 people play at the same time and still have real
view perspective?  The game action is good and can get intense at moments.
Just like the real old time Migs, your plane is difficult to keep complete
control over so you have to get used to it.  Another added amount of reality is
that your ammo (bullets, sorry no medium range missile here...) they curve downward,
making the killing of your target very difficult, but with some skill
and with a watchful eye you pick up a trick or two on how to use gravity to
your advantage.    The next game is Hellcat Ace:  Again its time for some heavy
action and a shoot out in your WW II propeller driven fighter, your in a real
view perspective, like with F-15 Strike eagle, and bullets are the only thing
between you coming home in one piece, or becoming a future tourist attraction
somewhere in Europe.   Ok the next game I'm not crazy about, but your little
brother or sister might think it's cute:  Air Rescue.  You move a low res image
of a helicopter threw a maze of deadly objects to rescue people, its not that
great, but again, it's cute.  Remember, for $18 your getting 2 great fighter
simulations and a cute arcade rescue game, Microprose has done a very nice job
of bringing 3 of its classics back for a very affordable price.  You may
consider these old, but they are new to me and many other first time computer
owners just getting into the thrill of Atari Computers.

Reviews by Curtis Vendel Via:  THE EARTH ACCESS CENTER

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