This Article was written by Curt Vendel and published in the Spring 88 issues of the Staten Island Atari Users Group newsletter and the Brooklyn Atari Users Group newsletter.   The article was also posted onto the Fordham Prep BBS in the Bronx, NY.   At the time, the bulletin board system that Curt Vendel ran had changed from being run in 83-86 as the Star Trek BBS to The Earth Access Center in 86-89 to present Atari articles and data.

Spy VS Spy III: Artic Antics By Epyx

 I thought for a while there that Atari Computers had lost Epyx as a software
manufacture.  Well I was quite wrong.   Those two little Mad Magazine pests are
back again in past III of their madness, this time from way up North.   Again
your faced with the fun Split-Screen and can play against the computer or an
opponent, the graphics are pretty good, the beginning screen will get you
immediately laughing.   For more laughs you are again equipment with nasty and
dubious traps and tricks, but time is on your side you've got to complete your
mission to launch your missile into space and you have to do it before the big
blizzard, you also have to run back to your igloo, IGLOO?!?!?!?  for some
warmth from the frigid cold.  If your looking for some action, a lot of fun and
laughs, pretty good graphics and a theme song that never quits for $14 then
this is a the game for you, Epyx did a nice job with this one and the price is
just right.

MindShadow: An Illustrated Adventure By Activision

 I'm not sure if this is new or not, but it was the first time I had ever seen
it on the store shelf so I thought I'd give it a whirl.   Activision has
released a so-so graphics adventure.  I call it so-so because I've been spoiled
with playing The Pawn and now their new release: The Guild of Thieves, I will
review Guild as soon as I finish it, or I might not if no one likes my reviews,
but back to Mindshadow:  This game is reminiscent of the Scott Adams text
adventures, the graphics aren't that great, but they are quick and detailed
enough to help you spot those "certain little things you MUST know" to help you
solve the game.  What is there to solve?  Well you lost your memory (you
irresponsible fool you!) and you have to find it.  Your stuck on an island and
have to use what's available to you.  A nice feature is you can press your help
button for help, or on the 400/800 computers, type help, and the Condor (which
can't wait until you drop dead so it can have dinner)  will riddle you a clue,
but watch out!!! you only have 3 chances to use your help.  The game is cute
and does have some snappy come backs and punch lines here and there, you can
save from 0-6 games and the clues aren't too difficult making this a great
introductory game for adventuring beginners.  The plot to the story is straight
forward, all you get is loading instructions so there is no help except for the
clues on the box , Ooopppps, perhaps I shouldn't have said that, but then
again, if you can't find the clues on the box, you can always take your chances
with the Condor!!!   The price is only $12.95, packaging is nice, yet simple,
and a bit eerie, I recommend this to a first time adventurer.

Reviews by Curtis Vendel Via:  THE EARTH ACCESS CENTER

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