This Article was written by Curt Vendel and published in the Spring 88 issues of the Staten Island Atari Users Group newsletter and the Brooklyn Atari Users Group newsletter.   The article was also posted onto the Fordham Prep BBS in the Bronx, NY.   At the time, the bulletin board system that Curt Vendel ran had changed from being run in 83-86 as the Star Trek BBS to The Earth Access Center in 86-89 to present Atari articles and data.

Ace of Aces By Accolade

 Why what on earth is going on at Accolade???   Are they ignoring Electronic
Arts which now owns them and making software for Atari's behind their back.
Looks like some really smart, sharp, courageous bunch of people are showing
their stuff, their BEST stuff for Atari 8-bit computers.

 I was astounded by this software package, the graphics, sound and animation
quality are of the HIGHEST QUALITY, the game pits you as a World War II bomber
pilot over Europe, you have a great number of missions to choose from, V-2
rockets, prisoner trains, Submarines, bomber to fighter etc... and you can
practice or go for the real thing.  You start off by selecting practice or
mission, you use your joystick to move the generals arm and pointer to your
selection on the black board, then you select the type of mission you will go
on, after that you get an intelligence report on who and what you'll go
against, after that, you see a full map of the area you will fly over
(Everything is in beautiful detailed, colored graphics with some animation here
and there) You are then asked if you accept or reject your mission, if you
reject you go back to the general again, if you accept you have to load you
bomber, you point to bombs, missiles, fuel and gun rounds, be careful what you
select, remember this is a simulation, weight is very important!!!  OK, then
you point to DONE, you see (I think is a very nice touch) an old black and
white photo album with picture of sirens, people running to plans, propellers
starting, wheel chocks being pulled and a pilot waving, all at the same time
you here accompanying sound effects in the background, you then sound the Ace
of Aces title screen, press the fire button and its off to the simulation, your
in a real view perspective, everything moves very smoothly, you have gauges and
dials and you see your pilot joystick moving realistically as you control the
plane, you also have left and right views and bomb bay view for bombing runs,
all are done in excellent graphics and animation.  One note, it take about a
dozen games before you get used to it, but you can accidentally very easily
switch views which during fighter to bomber combat can cost you, your crew and
your plane, but after a few games you get the feel of the game and learn how to
not make those accidental view changes.   The game is very complex, yet not too
difficult to play, the animation is top quality, it is colorful and very very
enjoyable to play, the game is a bit pricey: $27.99, but for such a very high
quality product, its more than worth the price, if you buy the game and enjoy
it as much I as did and still do, please do yourself and others a favor, send a
thank letter to Accolade, they deserve it!!!  This is the finest piece of
software I've seen in quite some time.

The Infiltrator By Mindscape

 Mindscape has been a company who has stayed with Atari thru its long rough
periods and has come out with quite a few nice titles.  The Infiltrator is a
good piece of software.  You'll find the accompanying manual to be a hilarious
addition to the software as it states humorous punch lines such as:  Johnny
"Jimbo-Baby" McGibbits says: "I never go anywhere with my McGibbits Trim-Fit
bulletproof designer jeans.  Timeless style, seamless fit, and safety from
close range machine gun fire-all at a sensible price."   The manual also
includes an in-depth description of your Wizbang Gizmo DHX-1 Attack Chopper and
other technical stuff and they call it in the manual.   Of course putting aside
the cute manual and it humor, its the game play that's important, the graphics
are good, colors are a bit drab, but hey! its an attack helicopter, not a
BMW!!!   The animation is good to fair in most areas, the sound effects are
good, warning indicators are small, but the audio helps you to spot and react
well enough to keep yourself from becoming a new SOHO art exhibit in the middle
of enemy territory.  The Status, ADM Tracking and Communication screens and
excellent and include animation for a top notch effect, overall, this is a good
game, a little difficult to get the hang of at first, you'll find yourself
seeing the crashed helicopter with your foot sticking out of it screen for the
first couple of games, but once you get the hang of things, you'll really like
it and get into it, for $19 this is a game you should look into.

Reviews by Curtis Vendel Via: THE EARTH ACCESS CENTER

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