Ataritel was a secret new division formed in 1981. Headed up by Steve Bristow, it's codename was "Project Falcon." According to Atari Press release brochures from the 1983 CES, after nearly 2 years of working in mystery and secret, Atari engineers had created a whole new line of consumer electronics.  Under the Project Falcon name, all of the prototypes of the various products were given names of birds.    Features listed were as follows:

The Company will produce "a new, dramatically capable home network for voice communications, communications management, appliance control, security and environmental control.  The system incorporates new technology and features not available in other residential telecommunications products."

The AtariTel line will include conventional telephones with advanced features and styling.

Two of the world's leading industrial designers, Porsche Design and Morison Cousins Associates were commissioned to develop the product designs.  

Customer shipments are intended to begin in early 1984.


The History of ATARITEL

"EAGLE" - The Ataritel Speakerphone

"PHONEY" - (Aka Eagle Eye) The Ataritel Videophone
"TELECTRA" Powerline Phones
Concept Designs
1981 Business Plan
Other Ataritel related information
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