Ataritel Telectra

Powerline Phone Systems



It all started with a meeting at Warner Communications with Steven Bristow. He came to demonstrate an idea that he and fellow Atari engineers had been tinkering with. He was very interested in the technology being used in Home Intercom called Powerline Communication Intercoms.  These intercom systems would plug into the power outlets in a house which allowed two people to be able to talk to one another through the home electrical wiring. Steve explained to the Board that this type of technology could be the basis for a whole new line of products for Atari outside of its Entertainment focus.  That telephones and home controllers could be created to allow people to be able to have phones through out their homes to receive and place calls, to be able to use them as intercoms, room monitors and more. Additional features such as being able to control power modules to turn lights on and off as well as other devices could also be created.


The Warner Board fully supported this new idea to the point where they decided Atari should have a new Division that these technologies would be developed and sold under called Ataritel. So Steve return to California and began to assembled his team and go to work...


This is a prototype of an Atari "Telectra" Powerline phone extension set.  Not that is does not have a phone cord, but only a power cord for connectivity.