The Atari ST Line
of Personal Computers.


The Atari 130ST

        The above opening was from the 1985 Issue of Atari Explorer and introduced everyone to the new Atari line of Personal Computer Systems they were preparing for the world.    Originally the ST line of computers was going to start with the entry level Atari 130ST computer with 128K of ram, all the same ports and features as its higher end brother the Atari 520ST which had 512K of memory.



        The Atari 130ST was shown to a eagerly awaiting and anticipating public at the 1985 CES show.     The exhibit was called "Atari Country" and billboards welcomed guests to the convention center showing price comparisions on how much higher IBM and Apple charged for their systems and the "Welcome to Atari Country..... Regards, Jack" were on display all over.

The 130ST was only a hollow epoxy mockup with working keyboard.   The motherboard did not fit properly into the case since its port openings and side openings were not finished yet, this case was the actual CES sample that was on display at the show.