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Atari Unix V



When the original specifications for the Atari TT030 workstation were released, Atari stated that the system would be able to run UNIX. Older then Atari itself, Unix is a very powerful open operating system used widely in most academic, research and corporate institutions. Atari had an opportunity to show the world that it too could compete against other systems in the workstation market. However, even after the TT030 was finished and the new operating system was complete, Atari backed out of the chance to enter the workstation market feeling it just didn't have the credentials to compete with the big boys, so Unix was made available, but it was never pushed or advertised by the company.

Instead as Atari had promised, they made sure that a new version of TOS/GEM would run on the TT030's. However, other companies saw the Atari platform as a viable and useful system for their flavours of Unix, so LINUX a Unix clone was made for the Atari's and so was BSD/ATARI Unix as well. Those individuals who had had the chance to experience the power of Unix on their ST's have joined the ranks of many other in enjoying such a powerful and versatile operating system.

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