The CMC Atari 8" Disk Controller  


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CMC 8" Controller Board - Top


CMC 8" Controller Board - Bottom


California Microlink Corporation 8" disk drive controller for Atari Computers.  This interface board has 2 Atari SIO connectors on it for interfacing it to standard Atari 400/800 computers (and later the Atari XL and XE series computers.


Originally designed by Atari engineers Dave Shepperd & Mike Albaugh as a way of being able to store larger amounts of data with the Atari 800 computers. The design was sold to a company called CMC where the final production board design was made it was was sold through them. The interface is an electronically elegant design, incorporating all the necessary logic to allow Atari home computers the ability to access large storage medium diskettes which could hold 10 times or more storage than a standard Atari 810 disk drive. 

Sales of the interface board and other CMC products did not sell well and eventually CMC would close in 1986 and the remaining inventory of boards & materials were bought by Dave Shepperd.  All items were acquired from Dave Shepperd by the Atari Museum in 1998.





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