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System Design Team:


Atari 400/800 hardware designers:


Jay G. Miner - Main Project Engineer

Joseph C. Decuir - Overall system design & ANTIC design

Larry Kaplan and Alan Miller - OS design & RAM selection

Steven T. Mayer - Initial system design

Ronald E. Milner - Initial system design

John Vurich - Atari (Consumer) Manager of Product Planning

Francois Michel - ANTIC logic design

George McLeod - CTIA & GTIA logic design

Douglas G. Neubauer - POKEY logic design

Scott Scheiman - SIO Protocol and communications

Scott Shiffman - System integration

Howard Bornstein    - System monitor/resident firmware

Michael Albaugh - Upper/Lower character set & display list interrupts

Mark Shieu - POKEY chip design

Steve Stone - POKEY layout design

Steve Smith - Technician for ANTIC & GTIA

Delwin Pearson - Technician for POKEY

Jeffery O. Nelson - 400 case lead designer

Douglas Hardy - 400 case designer




System Technical Information:


Versions of the Atari 400:

"DOM" Domestic NTSC version (North America)
     - 1979-1981 systems shipped with:
        - 8K of RAM
     - 1981-1983 systems shipped with:
        - 16K of RAM
Chipsets (NTSC):
    6502 CPU, C014377 (common in most of the 400/800 systems)
    6502C CPU, "SALLY", C014806 (used the later runs of the 400/800 systems)
    ANTIC NTSC version, C012296
    CTIA, C012295 (Originally sold in the 400/800's, replaced with GTIA)
    GTIA, C014805 (Replaces the CTIA and is more common)
    POKEY, C012294 

       - 400/800 OS Chipset:
	C012399 (Floating Point Package)
        - 400/800 OS Rev.A (Shipped with Initial 1979-1980 Systems)
        - 400/800 OS Rev.B (More common version)
Video Output
         - Built-in RF Lead (Channel 2/3 Select Switch on Right side)

"PAL" and "UK" versions for PAL B or PAL I television signal
     - Shipped 1981-1983
     - 16K RAM (Initial shipments)
     - 48K RAM (later shipments)
Chipsets (PAL):
    6502 CPU (Atari SALLY), C014806
    ANTIC PAL version, C014887
    GTIA PAL version, C014889
    POKEY, C012294
          - 400/800 OS Chipset:(PAL Version)
	C012399 (Floating Point Package)
Video Output:
     - Built-in RF Lead - channel 4 ("PAL" version) or 36 ("UK" version)
     - Channel Select switch on Right Side is not used.


 System Tear Down:





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