Atari Cartridges


        In mid to late 1982 Atari looked to replace its original 1979 Atari 400/800 cartridge design with a newer and more up to date cartridge look.   The above cartridge was one such design suggestion.   This design was not utilized until 1987 when Atari Corp released the Atari XEGS Game System which was a repackaged Atari 65XE with a detachable keyboard.    Atari later on began to investigate a new line of credit card sized cartridges for its new concept line of laptops, portables and ultra slim concept LCD display desktop system...  this all in 1983 !!!   Images are shown below:

Proto Cartridge 1                     Atari Proto Cartridge 2

Atari Proto Cartridge 3                 Atari Proto Cartridge 5

Atari Proto Cartridge 5

        All of the above cartridges have a very close resemblence to today's PCMCIA cards in various forms, however these designs were created in 1983 !!!   The Atari Historical Society would like to thank Tom Palecki of Pear Design in California who is the artist and former Atari Industrial Designer.