Atari XL Series Computers - 600XL  










The Orange Atari 600XL



 Nope, there's nothing wrong with the color settings on your monitor and no this is not some homebrewed garage spray paint special.    This is an actual orange molded plastic Atari 600XL computer.   So you ask simply.... WHY!?!?!?!?    Well, actually there is a simple explanation.    When a plastic mold die is being tested to make sure it meets all of the customers specifications and there are no defects, instead of wasting production ABS plastic sometimes whatever scrap is lying around is used.    In this particular case, someone actually used ORANGE.   (Who knows, maybe it was Halloween :-)    So although completely identical to its more conservative Off-white/dark brown 600XL kin, the Orange 600XL is certainly an eye catching computer.





Are you a former Atari engineer?  Did you work on the 600XL or have direct knowledge of this project? 

Please contact the Atari Museum:  CLICK HERE