The Atari 1030 Modem

        With the introduction of Atari all new XL line of computers came the all new Atari 1030 direct connect modem.   The modem had a very unique feature packed into it.   Just like the Atari 850 interface, the Atari 1030 modem had not only its device driver in ROM which would automatically upload into the computers memory, but also its software as well.   The Atari 1030 came with an on-board software package called ModemLink which would automatically upload into the computers memory.  However there was a catch, like all previous Atari software, ModemLink had no provisions for Uploading or Downloading software, also in order to use the on-board ModemLink software any disk drives that were connected to your system had to be turned OFF.

        Later Atari 1030's were packaged with "The New Atari 1030 Software Package" which was a diskette with Amodem, Tscope and DiskLink software.   Amodem was written by Jim Steinbrecher of Atari telecom fame, Tscope was written by Joe Miller and was for use with Compuserve.

        DiskLink was a rather interesting an unique program in that it had pull down menus and pop up windows, but it had limited features and use and for better results Amodem and Tscope were better set for the task of doing serious telecom work.

The Atari Historical Society would like to thank
Mike Dillon for his generous donation of the
above shown boxed Atari 1030 modem.