The Atari 1060 CP/M Module
"Sweet Pea"


        Atari looked into the possibilities of adding CP/M "Control Program for Microprocessors" Operating system compatibility to its new line of XL home computers.   The Atari 1060 CP/M Module, nicknamed "Sweet Pea" was a stand-alone Add-On Module for use with all Atari computer systems including the original 400/800 computers.

        Before MS-DOS became the defacto standard in the computer world, during the years of 1982-1984 many people weren't sure who was going to win the DOS super-battle, would it be CP/M DOS 2.2 or MS-DOS 2.1 ???   Atari hedged its bets on CP/M with its installed base of thousands of available commercial programs which would expand its line of available software for use on its computer systems.

        The Atari 1060 CP/M box has its own composite video output circuitry and can produce both 40 and 80 column text and ATASCII (Atari ASCII) graphics.   It has a Boot ROM onboard and separate SIO ports for Disk Drives and Printers, so far we have not been able to fully boot the Sweet Pea, but we have been able to get it to produce text on a monochrome composite monitor.   It was thought that perhaps the Boot ROM might contain self loading code very similar to the Atari 850 and 1030 auto-download.   So far we have been unable to boot the 1060.

        The Atari 1060 was slated for cancellation in 1983 when the Atari 1090: XL Expansion System box was being made ready for release.   A new card called the Atari 1066 would be a CP/M card that would be installed into the 1090XL and allow for CP/M use on the XL series computers, leaving the 400/800 and 1200XL computer owners without this option.

Technical Documentation

Atari "Sweetpea" CP/M Add-On Production Specification Document

In an effort to preserve the ROM code to
many of Atari's unreleased and sometimes
one of a kind products, the actual ROM
code is being put up onto the site for
all to study, examine and preserve.

Atari 1060 Boot ROM
Atari 1060 Character Set ROM