The Atari 822
Thermal Printer

        The Atari 822 thermal printer was a compact, and extremely quite printer which produced good quality 40 column thermal printouts.   The printer was very useful to SYSOP's (SYStem OPerators) of Atari Bulletin Board Systems.   These were Atari computers running a piece of software that allowed users to call into the Atari computer, log-in, send/receive email, bulletins and files.    Many SYSOP's kept log-files of users and activity and to also look for signs of hackers trying to brake in.   Since these printers were small, and quiet they served the purpose of providing hardcopy print-outs of each days activities very efficiently.    They also provided programs such as THE BOOKKEEPER and ATARI ACCOUNTANT with good quality, quick and quiet printouts of financial information.

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