Atari 400/800
Joystick and Switchbox



No different in function and internal design, the above shown joystick was designed to match the Atari 400/800 color scheme.   Although several of this joysticks were produced, noone from Atari can confirm that any were ever packaged or sold with the original Atari 400/800 computer systems from 1979-1982.


This was a total eye-opener when it turned up in an assortment of various Atari items that the Atari Historical Society acquired from Tom Palecki, a former Atari Industrial Designer.   This is the only known Atari TV Switch box to ever have a custom plastic cover to match not just the Atari 400/800 computer line, but any Atari equipment ever manufactured.    This of course does not count in regards to the custom and forward thinking auto-switch box for the original 4 Port Atari 5200 SuperSystem in 1982 or the autosensing switchbox used on the Atari Jaguar 64 console in 1993.