The Atari 400/800 Cable Kits

        Atari wanted to ensure that it supplied any and all necessary parts and peices for connecting peripherals up to its computer systems.   Shown above are some of the cable kits which Atari sold.   The modem cable kit was a DB-9 male to DB-25 male to allow connection of standard modems to the Atari 850 interface.   The Terminal cable was the same but wired so that a teletype or display terminal could be connected to the Atari 850 interface for terminal access (Perhaps Atari had in mind a 4 user terminal system connected to the 850 interface using an Atari 800 as a host, hmmm.... the possibilities).    The B&W cable kit was to allow an Atari 800 to connect to a monocrome composite monitor, the color lines were omitted to allow crisper output.    The Color cable kit had all the color and luminance lines available for connecting to color color composite monitors.   (Included in both monitor kits were various connectors for the many varying monitor connection systems before RCA became standard.)   Missing from the above picture is the SIO (Serial I/O) cable kit.

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