Atari XL Series Computers - 800XLD  


Atari 800XL (With FREDDIE and CGIA) Schematics

KERI Performance Tester

KERI GDSII Tape Out data for Chip Fabrication

CGIA GDSII Tape Out data for Chip Fabrication

FREDDIE GDSII Tape Out data for Chip Fabrication












The Atari 800XLD Computer System

(Codename: N/A)


In Late 1983, Atari's Home Computer Division management team put onto the schedule among other projects a new computer system called the 800XLD and according to notes, this would be an 800XL in a 1450XLD case.    The built in modem and voice synthesizer would be removed.   The design would have a built in disk drive controller, just like the 1450XLD but the design would incorporate a new combination chip called "KERI" which would combine the ANTIC, GTIA and POKEY chips into one.   To further cost reduce the design the FREDDIE and the MMU chip would also be combined into a new chip called "MUFFY".

Bill Drake would be tasked with this in June in 1984.   He would be retained by the Tramiels and assigned into what was called the "Legacy Group" under Tom Brightmann.   His design would be continued and would be used for the new line of XL computers: the 800XL, the 800XLF, the 900XLF and the 900XLK.     The disk drive controller would be dropped from the product line in early September 1984 and then the 800XL would also be dropped, the 900XLF would become the 65XE...  work on the 900XLK would continue up through October 1984 and would be dropped, the KERI chip work would stop due to financial constraints.  


September 9, 1984 XL Products Memo


The schematics for the design are presented here:   XL Computer (with MUFFY & KERI)







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