Atari XL Series Computers - 800XLF  


Atari 800XLK (With FREDDIE and "KERI")

Atari 800XLF (With FREDDIE & CGIA - June 1983)

CGIA GDSII Tape Out Data for Chip Fabrication

FREDDIE GDSII Tape Out Data for Chip Fabrication










The Atari 800XLF Computer System

(Codename: Rose)

Atari released in August of 1984 one of the final 800XL designs, the Atari 800XLF.   This system came equipped with the "FREDDIE" chip, revision "C" Basic ROM.  Released in Europe with SECAM video, this would be one of the final XL's before the Tramiels released the replacement XE series computers in 1985. In September 1984 the production schedule was laid out for the NTSC/PAL versions of the 800XLF.   The 900XLF would be the same design but in a new lower cost case.  This would become the 65XE computer.

XL Products Memo - September 9, 1984

However, the 800XLF was actually designed in June 1983 right along with the 1400XL and 1450XLD.   This design not only included the FREDDIE chip but also included the CGIA (Combined GTIA & ANTIC) chip as well.




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