Atari XL Series Computers - 800XLK "KERI"  


Atari 800XLK (KERI & MUFFY) Schematics

Atari 800XL (With FREDDIE and CGIA) Schematics

KERI Performance Tester

KERI GDSII Tape Out data for Chip Fabrication

CGIA GDSII Tape Out data for Chip Fabrication

FREDDIE GDSII Tape Out data for Chip Fabrication










The Atari 800XLK Computer System

(Codename: KERI)

  During the final days in 1984 of Atari's ownership under Warner Communications, new designs for Atari 800XL were in the works. One such design called the Atari 800XLK aka the 800XLCR (Cost Reduced) involved a new motherboard design which not only incorporated the "FREDDIE" Memory processor, but also incorporated an entirely new chip design called "KERI".  KERI was the codename for a new combination chip, which combined the ANTIC, GTIA and POKEY chips into one. 

Many years ago a test board was found called the "Keri Performance Tester" and it was marked with Atari Inc marking from the Warner days of Atari. This was rather surprising since  the center of the board had a new chip holder which was a PLCC type and not a standard chip package that Atari had used in the past.

However it appears that Atari was finally making the break from its 40 pin DIP package limitations due to cost and was moving in to the realm of higher density PLCC type chips.

Project KERI goes all the way back to June 1983 when the 800XL was being publicly shown.   Schematics for an 800XL with a CGIA (ANTIC & GTIA combined) and FREDDIE were already drawn up for it.   (See side bar for Schematics)  KERI would take the CGIA one step further in adding into it the POKEY chip as well.

The Tramiels initially planned to take this 800XLK design and release it in 1985 as the 900XLK as part of their original XL Products line.

XL Products Memo - September 9, 1984

Atari KERI Chip



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