Atari XL Series Computers - 1090XL  


   "AMY" Expansion Card Schematics Apr 17, 1984

   Parallel Disk Drive Controller Schematics Apr 18, 1984

  1090 I/O Notes (Disk Drive Controller)









Atari 1090 XL Expansion Cards



The Atari 1090 XL Expansion System was slated to be shipped along with several Atari produced

Expansion cards that Atari XL home computer users could purchase to install and expand their

computer systems with by installing them into the 1090 XL Expansion box.  Here are several of the

Expansion Cards.


Atari Z-80 CP/M Expansion Card

Atari 80 Column Video Card

Atari 64K Memory Card

Atari Serial/Parallel Card

Atari Prototyping/Hobbyist Card

Atari BSR/RTC X10 Card



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