Design and Build: Interface System :: Client - Awesome Arcades, LLC.


Our engineering and PCB team created a custom integrated interfacing  logic for communication between a host PC running DOS (with USB BIOS Support), Windows, Linux and Mac OSX to video arcade control panels.

Product required up to 10 buttons and 4 way joystick control for up to 2 players per board, trackball/spinner interfacing logic.  Up to 2 boards for a total of 4 players could be connected to a HOST PC

USB communication protocol (Under HID standard) to reduce connectivity  to a single wire to/from arcade controls and Host PC. 

We further refined this technology and created an even further improved logic and firmware design for use in our "USB Classic" controllers which are an Atari CX-40 replica joystick with USB connectivity given gameplayers the ultimate in old school video game playing.



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