Design and Build: Gene Simmons Guitar Controller :: Client - I2G


Fully working "Golden Sample"


      Prototype Plastics      "Golden Sample #1"

       for hand sample.         shown to Gene for

                                       review and approval.





Prototype hand sample

of Gene Simmons "Punisher"

Legacy Engineering was contacted in Mid December 2007 by I2G asking Legacy for a line of gaming based products for Gene Simmons.    

Legacy Engineering choose the Axe bass controller for its signature uniqueness and outlined, designed and engineered an upscale - yet affordable - guitar game controller that would be larger then the competing products, have a multi-coat sprayed finish, quality accents and to address complaints about failures and lack of longevity of the controlling components of other guitars, this new design would have a far superior strummer, and whammy bar.    

Also engineered was tighter timing and responsiveness of the fret keys for optimal play performance.    After 5+ months of engineering design and fine tuning the end result is the Gene Simmons Axe controller - a product that Legacy Engineering and specifically Curt Vendel - its chief designer are extremely pleased with.  


12/12/08 UPDATES:

We are receiving emails and phone calls from buyers complaining about flimsy plastics and broken whammy bars.    We are a design consultancy firm - our Axe controller design called for much more durable components and thicker and more durable plastics.   We have no connection to the manufacturer of the knock-offs of our designs, please take your complaints to them, we can not assist anyone who buys these from the current manufacturer as their version is not up the high design standards we called for in the original concepts and designs.


Since no settlement of payment has been received from I2G for the work done designing and creating this product, we are considering putting the design reference prototype shown in the photo's up onto Ebay.    This is a fully working unit and additional photo's will be posted showing the internal prototype mechanicals and assemblies.    For collectors, this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the very prototype reference sample for this incredible product.  


Apparently a few people have wrongly accused Gene as being a direct part of us not being paid for our Design Consultancy Services and we want it publicly known that Gene is in fact NOT directly or indirectly a part of this issue. We hold Gene in the highest of regards - he is an upstanding man and knew nothing about what I2G/Fred Chesnais is doing to us.


Also developed was a guitar game controller based on Gene Simmons Punisher guitar.    Based on technologies developed for a new and upcoming Wii Arcade controller - the IC chip was used to develop Wii versions of both the Axe Controller as well as the Punisher controller.



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