Alpha One- Major Havoc Prototype

Alpha One Marquee

This was the second prototype of the game. The first was called Tollian's Web, and had different gameplay. I'll put up a Tollian's Web page in the near future.

Some differences from the final game:

1. There is no music in Alpha One.

2. The story of the Vaxxians is much different. Notice the Catastro-fighter has a different name, as does the Vaxxian home planet.

3. There isn't any enemy scoring on the 'story' screen.

4. Many of the sounds are different. These include the player firing sound and the enemy explosions. The sound of Rex 'frying' is missing.

5. Some graphics are different, such as the space station explosions.

6. Many other small differences and the overall unfinished feel of the game.

Here are some pictures of the 'story' screen. Click the thumbs to view them.