Thank you for visiting the website. As I have said, I welcome letters, questions, and comments, and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them in due time. Please be patient. I have a real job running a start-up, and it takes most of my time these days. I look at these messages once a week or so, and I WILL answer you, I promise that. If I have not replied in more than a month, its a good chance I did not receive it, so you might want to send it again.

That said, I must also make a disclaimer here, as a few of your are spoiling it for the rest of the visitors. First, I do not get paid to do this. I do this out of the love for the games and the fact that you have an interest in them as well, and for that reason alone, I support this site. So if I do not answer you fast enough, please keep that in mind. Secondly, I stopped designing these games over 20 years ago, so I am sorry, but I have no clue why your Battlezone display stopped working, or what drive transistor your monitor needs, or what the dip switch settings are for a Missile Command game. Try Google! But, if you still wish to write and ask me a technical question, I will still do my best to find you an answer. I will ask my friends who worked there as well to see if they know, I will look at some of my old documentation, or I will make an educated guess. But NO, I will NOT give you other Atari people's email addresses or phone numbers and I will not pass on the message for you either, so please do not ask. Sorry, but out of respect for them, if they do not have their own web page, good chance they do not want to be bothered about this stuff! And if I cannot get you an answer after trying all this, remember again, any help I do give you is more than what you paid for, and no help at all is exactly what you paid for. I do the best I can but cannot take a great deal of time doing it, so I may not be able to help. That is just the way it is.

And for the few of you who seem to have copped an attitude lately over this lack of help and have been giving me grief in email, please stop writing if you do not like it. I do my best to help, I will do my best to reply in time, and I will do my best to find someone who knows the answers if I do not. But if you have no patience in this process, or cannot accept that I might not be able to help you at all, then please go away. Those who wish to continue giving me attitude will have their emails deleted immediately.

Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy the site.

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