I've designed and programmed many coin- operated arcade games for both Atari Inc. and Bally/Sente Inc. Click a link below for more information about the games I worked on.

Smithsonian Magazine article, September 1981

Interview conducted by the Webmaster in 1998


Atari Skydiver Marquee

Atari Skydiver Marquee

PT Commander

Atari Orbit Marquee

Atari Tube Chase Marquee

Atari Tunnel Hunt Marquee

Atari Sebring Marquee

Malibu Grand Prix

Yahtzee (Atari 8-bit computers)

Battle Zone Logo


Alpha One: Major Havoc Prototype

Major Havoc

Major Havoc Review

Goalie Ghost

Mane That Tune Marquee

Shrike Avenger

Grudge Match Marquee


Bally Sente