The Atari "Bionics" System


The Atari Bionics System.    An entirely new product designed for the medical field.    The system was comprised of an expandable base unit which would have various plug-in modules which would perform a specific function such as check heart rate and blood pressure.   Other modules would perform other tasks.     Hewlett Packard makes medical equipment and many of their products have the same design characteristics as those shown here in the Atari Bionics system.

Although the unit has an Atari VCS type cartridge connection on the side, it was not intended for Atari cartridges.  The connector was meant for a plug in connector which would allow a system of cables for monitors and other interfaces to connect to the Bionics base module.   In some of the concept drawings, an Atari VCS is actually connected into the Bionics System.


The modules would each plug into the base unit to perform specific functions.   Unit module design actually became a new game controller product.   The original design of the module was to measure resistance in the muscles of a person.   This concept became a new game controller called the Mindlink System.   A combination of headband and infrared transceivers would allow a user to control the action on the screen.   One software product was called Bionic Breakthrough.

Atari Bionics System Concept Drawings
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Designed by Regan Cheng, formerly of Atari's Industrial Design Group.