In 1982-1983 Atari made a huge push on assisting its network of Authorized Atari Dealers and Authorized Service Centres with a large assortment of dealer display and demonstration equipment to help boost sales and increase Atari's presence in retail outlets.    Some of the many products which it sold to its dealers through its "Atari Co-op Program" were dealer demonstration systems.  

This gave the dealer an advantage over everyone else since many buyers wanted to know more about a video game then just what was written on the box and displayed in tiny images on the back of the boxes.   Dealers could use their demonstration units to allow the buyers the chance to see and hear what the latest and hottest video game were like.


Hi, this is me Curt Vendel standing next to what is probably the only known Atari 5200 Dealer Display Kiosk system in perfect operating condition, on the screen is a prototype version of 5200 Battlezone.