The MINDSET Computer System

(The Atari 1600XL/1650XLD ???)
(Well... It could have been)


The Mindset M-1001

    Roger Badertscher - former President of the Atari Home Computer Division left in 1981 and began work with a new start up computer company called Mindset.   There goal was to build an IBM compatible system, but with better graphics and sound capabilities then other PC's.    Most of Mindset's company was made up of former Atari Home Computer Division management and engineers.   In essence the Mindset computer was an Atari computer system and just the type of computer system Atari's own computer division truly needed to make people view it as a more serious computer company.

Some History:
Mar 1984          1984 Introduced Mindset computer
May 1984          1984 Mindset computer marketed through CompuShop stores.
Summer 1984    1984 Mindset changes marketing focus to video production and graphics design.
Aug 1984          1984 43 people layedoff at Mindset from a staff of 128.
Nov 1984          1984 First issue of F.M.U.G. (First Mindset Users Group) newsletter.
Jan 4,1985         50% layoffs at Mindset. Staff down to 35 from 67 people.
Aug 1985           Mindset files for Chapter 11 protection
Sept 1985          Because of a pre-submitted reorganization plan, Mindset emerges from Chapter 11 in roughly 30 days.
Dec 1985           Introduces Mindset II computer

Mindset Computer

Model               M-1001 "Mindset" s/n 001172
Introduced               March 1984
Released               May 1984
Processors               Intel 80186 @ 6 MHz plus two VLSI graphics coprocessors
Ram               64K bytes (32K processor ram, 32K graphics ram)
Rom               32K bytes
OS               GW-Basic on cartridge (included)
Cartridges               Dual cartridge ports
Interfaces               RGB monitor,Composite video,RF modulator
Display               320x200 16 colors from a palette of 512 to 640x400 2 color
Keyboard               84 key with 10 programable function keys

Expansion Unit:
Model               M-1003 s/n 000094
Ram               96K bytes expandable to 224K bytes
Disk               One 360K half height 5 1/4" drives (optional second drive)
OS               Mindset DOS 2.0 or MSDOS 2.0

Keyboard -


    The keyboard is also innovative and unique compared to other PC keyboards.     It utilized an Intel D8749H Microprocessor to communicate with the Mindset M-1001 computer module.     The keyboard provided the following capabilities:


Power On/Off of Computer

Keyboard key entry

DB-15 Interface for Mouse

Second DB-15 Interface for Analog Joystick



Image of Keyboard Internals

Close up Left Internals

Close up Center Internals

Close up Right Internals


If anyone has capability of reading the code from the 8749, please contact me: curt ('AT') atarimuseum ('DOT') com