ATARI Coin-Op/Arcade Systems

This was a fast paced coin-op strategy game.   Break down your opponents defenses, storm the castle and claim victory.   Rampart was a unique and highly involved arcade game from Atari Games Corp.


This was River Raid taken to the max!  Hydra was a superb action coin-op game where you could spend more time out of the water then riding along in it.   The cabinet was also unique and an eye catcher as well.   Atari Games did an excellent job with this game.   Hydra was also ported to the Atari Lynx Portable game system.

Off The Wall was interesting in that you could relate to the game as being a 1991 souped-up version of Super Breakout.   The game was simple, challenging and a lot of fun.   Colorful backgrounds and some really funky rebound sounds made for a very good game.


Road Riot was one of many excellent racing simulations.   You choose your player and compete in player against computer or head to head with a side-by-side player in a rather large roll-cage coin-op cabinet arrangement Road Riot is a great off-road game.

Cops, Atari Games first person police simulator.    Did you ever want to be put into one of those Police simulators to see how good or bad you'd do in a situation.   Well, here is your chance.    You take on a first person view and have to aim and shoot at suspects without shooting innocent bystanders and victims.   If you really got into the game and started to hit the higher levels this was one heart pounding game!


Taking your hum-drum fighting games to a new dimension, Primal Rage pitted the nastiest group of creatures against one another in this game of predator against predator battle, no round-house kicks here, just out and out claws, teeth and cunning.