Atari Coin-op / Arcade
1995 - 1999

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Atari's Area 51:  Government cover-ups, germ warfare, ufo's, genetic engineering, CIA secrets, Nuclear weapons, top secret access, alien invasions..... AREA 51.     This high tech shooter combines an action packed plot with great gameplay and sound effects for a truly exciting experience.   Powered by a modified version of the Atari Corp Jaguar 64 home game console called Co-Jag, this game really packs a punch!

Slam the basketball for higher scores, real voice announcer and background music add to the whole experience.   Large LED displays keep track of the score.  A unique a refreshing change for the same old, same old sports entertainment games.


Hockey so real that after you play you had better go check and make sure you've got all your teeth!   4 Player action, all the NHL teams, key NHL players, smooth moving camera views, realistic sound effects and announcements make for the ultimate in a video game hockey experience by Atari.

Can you handle the RUSH???    Up to 8 coinop cabinets can be linked for the ultimate in high speed multi-player mayhem in the streets of San Francisco.   You'll drive cars which spend as much time in the air as on the pavement as you race at radical speeds until you feel your heart pound, your palms sweat, until you feel the... RUSH.