The Atari 2600 Dealer Displays

        Atari's marketing recognized early on that having an in-presence such as displays, demonstation systems, brochure racks and so on was important to have maintain its leadership in the video game market.   Atari supplied its authorized sales centers with every conceivable form of marketing products.

Atari 2600 POP Kiosk Field Service Manual


        The Atari Historical Society recently had shipped in from 2 locations in the United States to our New York Museum 2 brand new arrivals.   Each unit is a 1981 Atari 2600 in-store "POP" Point of Purchase display demonstator.   One unit is in near mint condition, the other is going to require some time and careful work to restore it back to its original condition.   We proudly welcome these 2 new additions to our ongoing effort to restore and preserve all things Atari.

One unit uncrated, the other still sealed in its shipped crate.