The Atari 2600 Remote Controlled Joystick

        Perhaps a spin-off from the Atari 2700 remote controlled console, the Atari 2600 remote controlled joysticks allowed players the freedom of setting back away from the console comfortably on the couch and play their favorite games in total confort... (not exactly!)   The joysticks were huge!   I mean a standard Atari 2600 joystick with a base almost 3 times thicker than a regular joystick, it also weighed a bit too much for extended play, then of course your right in the middle of the best game of your life, your about to turn the game over and... WHAT?!?!?  WAIT?!?!?!?!   WHY ISN'T IT RESPONDING!?!?!?   Guess what.  Your batteries ran too low and there's no pause button in sight.
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