Spectradyne Hotel Unit


        Spectradyne is a well known name in hotel TV entertainment.   Supplying special closed TV viewing systems to hotels nationwide they allow guests to view TV shows, pay-per-views and also view hotel information and local entertainment events and listings of restaurants, transportation and billing inquires.   In 1983 Spectradyne installed into select hotels the Spectravision Hotel Video System.

        With assistance from Atari's CED (Consumer Electronics Division) Spectradyne combined their standard tried and true movie selection system with an Atari 5200 video game system.    The system came in a special enclosed housing to prevent theft/tampering of the contents and the unit as a whole.   The Atari Joysticks were installed onto the 5200 motherboard with slightly modified joystick ports and 16ft connection cabled to allow game play from across the room.

        A special vertical riser-board was designed to accomodate up to 4 standard Atari 5200 cartridges.    The riser-board was hardwired with a selection wire which was connected to the from control knob.   By rotating the knob the play could select a game to be played, since the unit cannot be connected to a central computer, its unknown if the hotel guest was charged for playing video games and if that charge was on a per-game basis or timed.