7800 Games & Development

New homebrew developed games were very sparse for the Atari 7800 until

the last 2-3 years due in part to efforts by Kenfused and Pacmanplus of Atariage.com

It now seems that more programmers are taking an interest in this wonderfully powerful

videogaming system and tapping into its potential to create games far surpassing

those on the Atari 2600, 5200 and 8bit Atari computers.


Some Helpful Links are below:


Atariage.com 7800 Discussion Forum


Atariage.com 7800 Programmers Forum


To further help in the learning, and programming of the Atari 7800, the following

original Source Code to many Atari 7800 video games have been provided below.

These games were rescued from Atari ST format diskettes that were thrown out behind

1196 Borregas when Atari closed up in 1996.   The Atari Museum rescued these

important treasures and recovered them from the diskettes.    Many of the compiling

and coding tools as well as the Atari 7800 development tools are Atari ST programs,

which can be run via emulation to be able to natively compile and test code.




Atari 7800 Source Code


  Ms. Pac Man


  Dig Dug



(This is actually 2600 Joust Source code)


  Robotron 2084




  Sphinx/Nile Flyer/Desert Falcon








  Food Fight


  Food Fight (LOST FILES)




  Hat Trick


  Super Stunt Cycle/Motopsycho


  7800 Base OS -  NTSC

(Includes Asteroids Source Code)


  7800 PAL OS

(Includes Asteroids Source Code)


  7800 Development System (Atari ST)


  7800 Animation Tool (Atari ST)


Note: If you are going to Mirror these sources or place them onto your own site, please have the respect and courtesy to include with them - Source: www.atarimuseum.com as these wouldn't exist if I hadn't of climbed into a filthy dumpster at 3am in the morning behind the old Atari building in Sunnyvale and salvaged them and restored them from their diskettes.