Atari 7800
High Score Cartridge
GCC Prototype #1


Recently discovered original Prototype #1 of GCC Atari 7800 High Score Cartridge

(Built March 1984)

Some History:    The Atari 7800 High Score cartridge was a proposed add-on peripheral originally  designed by GCC and turned over to Atari for PCB layout and case design.   Gary Rubio was in charge of building, testing and cost reducing the project.    Mike Barta headed the project from the GCC side and on March 5, 1984 sent Atari a letter shown below:



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GCC Proposed some case designs for the High Score Cartridge which were less of a cartridge per se, and more of an add-on module to plug atop the Atari 7800 ProSystem.    The original case design sketches are shown below:



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In 1999, Curt Vendel met with Gary Rubio who was the Lead Electrical Engineer and Liaison to GCC for the Atari 7800 project and add-on peripherals.     As you will see on the following page with the link provide below in 2000 through 2001 Curt Vendel reconstructed a new modern version of the original GCC into a more compact stackable cartridge design adhering to the exact same schematic that GCC used to design the original Prototype #1 recently discovered in the photo at the top of the page.

Atari 7800 HSC Reproduction