At the Atari Museum, work never stops!  And because the Jaguar is the last Atari system to be produced, it means most of the development files are still much more accessible than those of the older Atari systems.  Still, some of the more interesting files can be difficult to locate, and we are continuously looking for lost data on this system.  Below you can find some of the more important files we have found, we hope you can make use of them for the entire Jaguar community.

Update! 13th November 2003: On the 10th Anniversary of the Atari Jaguar 64-Bit Multimedia System, The Atari Historical Society is proud to announce the availability of the elusive Jaguar CD and Jaguar Cartridge Encryption files.


Cartridge Binary and Encryption Files

CD-ROM Binary and Encryption Files


Jaguar Cartridge Mechanical & PCB Drawings File - 228Kb

Jag Voice Modem Files - 225Kb



Jaguar MPEG Decoder Board Drawings & Files - 80Kb

  JagCD Bios Source   

  Code File - 62Kb


Jaguar 2 - Oberon GPU Technical Data Files - 18.4Mb

Atari Panther 32-bit earlier console design history & files.

Jaguar VLM Sources - 675Kb

Atari 2600 Emulator for JAG -331Kb

VentOne Jag Settop Agreement - (Bushnell's Catalyst Co.) 4.5Mb

Payment Schedule for Jaguar games to Developers 4.6Mb

Jaguar 64 Full Source Files

Repository ZIP File


Note: Files are used at your own risk - The Atari Museum takes no responsibility for their use.