AtariMuseum - Site News:   March 24, 2005


Atari Museum site updates --

The following are additions and updates that have been added but had not previously been mentioned in the Site Updates section -

2600/VCS Point of Purchase Link is now back up and active again:


AtariTEL Document:


NATCO Lawsuit:


Atari-Amiga Agreement from 1983



Site Repairs - As many know, the site was completely overhauled 2 years ago and then migrated off of its two servers onto a single new server.   Many old sections/links of the site are still lurking within the new structure, with hundred of pages and thousands of images and links it has been a time consuming and daunting task to correct and weed out all of the older links and pages.    Below is a listing of the current status of updates to the site:


Site Maintenance updates -


Dedicated Consoles Section - Fully Repaired

Cartridge Based Consoles Section - 90% Repaired

Arcade Section - Fully Repaired

Atari 400/800 Computers Section - Fully Repaired

XL Systems Section - Work in Progress - Expected to be Fully Repaired by end of March 05'

ST Sections - Work begins April 05'