AtariMuseum - Site News:   April 10, 2005



   Some new additions will be added to the site this week in the Archives section.    The Atari Facilities Map will be put back up on-line showing all the various Sunnyvale, and Milpitas Atari offices.   In addition on March 31, 2005 the Atari Interactive Beverly, MA. officially closed, however before closing I made a trip up and photographed the entire inside of the building and will be posting photo's up this week.

   Some new video will be posted this week too, such as the unofficial 30th anniversary Atari reunion back in 2003 (it was organized a little late) and there is some great video from that, as well as the 30th reunion page too.

  Today's update is a 14 minute (15MB) Windows WMV file called "Greg Riker's Atari Memories" and was filmed by Greg as a walkthrough in the Home Computer Division building.      This is a rather bitter sweet video as it was during the period of massive layoffs in 1983.      However, for those who've often asked, here is some footage of the inside of Atari, something few outsiders have seen, you see some familiar names mentioned.    Look for more updates later this week.


Greg Riker's Atari Memories (15MB .wmv file)