AtariMuseum - Site News:   April 12, 2005


Atari memories - continued...

     As previously mentioned, this is Atari Memories week (so to speak) and here is the next installment.    An 18 minute (20MB) .wmv video file of the May 2003 Atari reunion.     This was filmed by my good friend Gary Rubio (for those not familiar with Gary, you will see GAR and "Rubio Wins Again" hidden in several Atari 5200 titles and demo's.   He was also the OEM Engineer between Atari and GCC for the Atari 7800), one of the focal points of the reunion was good old Dan "The Trakball Man" Kramer who brought a huge stack of photo's from his Atari days, also some great footage of the prototype 3 bases Atari 800 version of Missile Command as well as a custom arcade trakball controller with 3 buttons to play that prototype version.


Atari May 2003 Reunion video footage