AHS - Site News:   June 17, 2003


     I would like to thank everyone for the months and months of patience everyone has had with the work taking place on the website.     So what the heck's been going on !?!?!  You might ask....

    Karl and I have been working these past several months on doing a complete redesign of the directory structure and layout of the website.   Also about 7-8 generations of old websites dating back to 1997 were still lying around scattered within old and forgotten area's of the site.

    In order for the site to continue to grow and expand, its already at 713mb's to date, the directory structure of the site needed to be completely redone from the ground up.    This meant moving a tremendous amount of pages, and data all over the place and in doing so the site's links all had to be regenerated and are still being worked on.    This is why still so many pages are coming up 404.

    Karl and I are still continuing to evaluate and refine the site design and layout and especially the submenu structures.   So what does all this mean to you the visitors of the site?   It means easier navigation through the site, more new areas to explore and  a larger and more comprehensive data store of files, images and information which can be directly searched or will be cross linked throughout the site.

   We have actually added a 2nd server to the site and bumped up storage to 40gb's and this space will not go to waste.    Much of the physical paper-store of the Atari Museum archives is being scanned and prepared for posting, more commercials are on their way as well as internal video from inside Atari never before seen outside of the company.     The media section is being revamped and already people have sampled some of the soon to published magazine archive, over at our friends at Atariage.com are magazines for Atari Age, Atari Club and many more, some have come from the atarimuseum.com archives but are also going to have mirror access here as well.

   As many have noticed and complimented, there are new menu's and graphics popping up all over the site and more are on their way, sorry for the long inconvenience, but in the end it'll all be worth it.