AtariMuseum - Site News:   July 17, 2005


Greeting fellow Atari enthusiats...

    It has been a bit too quiet here at the Atari Museum over the past several months.    More so then I normally would like.    As most people in the avid Atari video gaming community know, I've been heavily involved with Atari, Inc. developing and producing the new Atari Flashback 2 video game console.      The project at long last is completed and shipments have started to make their way to the major retail outlets and these new Atari 2600 replica systems should start showing up on shelves during the month of August.

   I have taken a small hiatus to catch up a little on life, the universe and everything... including the Atari Museum website and my research.    So before I'm off developing the next set of video gaming goodies I wanted to start enjoying myself working on the website and something I've been meaning to do is start putting some elbow grease into fixing up the XE Computers section, then moving to the ST section.    So the first task at hand was adding a little extra materials to the 65XEM (AMY) section with the actual AMY-1 Production Details document, a fairly technical document describing the in-depth workings of the fabled AMY sound processing chip:

The Atari 65XEM

   I am hoping over the next couple of nights to start adding much more onto the site.   Keep stopping by and checking.