AtariMuseum - Site News:   July 20, 2005


Greeting fellow Atari enthusiasts...

     This is getting scary, huh?   3 updates in the same week, wow like Curt must be on a mission or something....    Yes, in fact I am on a mission - to preserve and present as much Atari History as possible, so lets keep this ball rolling, and with that, here is yet another update.

   I had the scanner running till 2am this morning cranking out close to 20 brand new PDF's of incredible data that even I had never seen before, so enjoy this first set of files on the Atari 1450XLD, one of my favorite all-time Atari computer systems.     The original product specification, test plan, final assembly doc detailing the full BOM (Bill of Materials - which lists each component, and its designation)

   If that wasn't enough, how about the technical data on the Freddie chip?   Yup, its up there and then to cap off this update how about the little know "Carmen" Gate Array designed specifically for the 1450XLD.

    Enjoy the reading, this will keep everyone busy for quite some time, but read fast, more updates tomorrow!    Next up is the 600XL, the 1400XL and the Sweetpea CP/M box.

The Atari 1450XLD Computer System